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– Cerebral Enema, Germany

Current Project

Insidious Soundlab stands as an Indonesian-based mixing and mastering laboratory, meticulously crafted by the visionary Januaryo Hardy, renowned for his contributions to notable entities such as Pure Wrath, Perverted Dexterity, Cadavoracity, and more. With a wealth of experience spanning over twelve years in the realm of extreme metal creation, Ryo ardently dedicates himself to the pursuit of an organic, earth-grounded, crisp, and dynamic sonic experience.

With an impressive portfolio that includes the self-production of over twenty personal releases, Ryo has consistently demonstrated his prowess in innovating and pushing the boundaries to attain optimal results in the production of extreme metal. His passion for the craft resonates through each meticulously crafted sound-wave, embodying a commitment to excellence in the nuanced artistry of extreme metal production.


Cadavoracity – CadavoracityFull-length 2023

Imperious Mortality – Realm of Mortal DecayEP 2023

Pusboil – Ancient Stories of Suffering and DiseaseFull-length 2023

Colpocleisis – Elegant DegradationFull-length 2023

Cystgurgle – Exquisite Macerated Tissue Slippage…Full-length 2023

Stabbing – Extirpated Mortal ProcessFull-length 2022

Necro Antagonist – Realm of ObscenityFull-length 2022

Pure Wrath – Hymn To The Woeful HeartsFull-length 2022

Stabbing – Ravenous Psychotic OnslaughtEP 2021

Interminable Corruptions – Abysmal RevelationFull-length 2021

Perverted Dexterity – Alacrity for Contemptuous DissonanceFull-length 2021

Anal Stabwound – Abstraction Bathes In SunlightEP 2021

Purulent Jacuzzi – Natural Method of Turning to DustFull-length 2021

Ecchymosis – Ritualistic Intercourse Within…Full-length 2020

Perpetual Gestation – Excremental Uremic FragranceFull-length 2020

Shinda Saibo No Katamari – Ostriched ExistenceEP 2020

Insalubrity – Salacious Putrescent PsychopathyFull-length 2020

Strangulation – Display of Escalated PerversionFull-length 2020

Hysterotomy – Incessant Sadistic Paraphilia ExcruciationEP 2020

Shinda Saibo No Katamari – Saibogu (Reissue Version)Full-length 2020

Decayed Flesh – Eternal MiseryFull-length 2020

Pure Wrath – The Forlorn SoldierEP 2020

Strangulation – Violence in Degraded MindsetEP 2019

Interfectorment – Grotesquely DecayFull-length 2019

Pure Wrath – Sempiternal Wisdom | Full-length 2018

Ecchymosis – Different Facets of Filthy Chunks from Scaphism | EP 2018

Reduced – Majesty from WithinFull-length 2018

Ineffable Demise – Beyond the Marrow GatesFull-length 2018

Done Projects

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Unholy Tenebris – Bloodörn | Full-length 2019
Fecundation – Morte Cerebral | EP 2019
Pure Wrath – Sempiternal Wisdom | Full-length 2018
Dissevered – Incestual Necrophilism | Demo 2018
Ecchymosis – Morbid Transplantation and Veneral Development | Single 2017
Reduced – Majesty from Within | Full-length 2018
Ineffable Demise – Beyond the Marrow Gates | Full-length 2018
Helgafell – Landvaettir | Full-length 2018
Syphilectomy – Epidemic Consummation | Full-length 2018
Excruciation – The Drunk Diary | EP 2018
Sigils Of Ruin – Supreme Atrocities | Single 2018
Cruelest – Mass Atrocity of Mankind | Full-length 2017
Menstrual Disconsumed – Enslaving Debauched Mass | EP 2017
Perverted Dexterity – Spiritual Awakening | Full-length 2017
Pure Wrath – Ascetic Eventide | Full-length 2017
Horde Casket – Xenopocalypse | Full-length 2017
Buddhlust – Demo 2017 | Demo 2017
Qu Kangen Nih – Antique dan Ketaian Yang Haqiqi | EP 2017
Nekroholocaust – Hymns of Ruthless Pestilence | Full-length 2017
Pulverized – Demo 2017 | Demo 2017
Invigorate – Infinite Torture | Promo 2017
Abhorrent Flesh – Prelude of Torture | Demo 2017
Waking the Cadaver – Demo Compilation | Compilation 2016
Pulverized – Realm of Sufferance | EP 2016
Nicrov – More Than Berserk | Demo 2016
Infectology – Innards of Misanthropic Embodiment | Full-length 2016
Decapitate Hatred – Birth of Abomination | Full-length 2016
Imperial – I : Principle Incommodum | Full-length 2016
Perverted Dexterity – Infinite Dexterity | Split 2015
Reduced – Gradually Executed | Full-length 2015
Sabaoth – Unholy Divinity | Full-length 2015
Omnivorous – Age of Maelstorm | EP 2015
Diffusal Blade – Diffusal Blade | EP 2015
Suffergrind – Membunuh, Dibunuh, Terbunuh | EP 2015
Nature Depravity – Ripping, Mangling the Fresh Cadaver | Promo 2015
Perverted Dexterity – Primitive Scene of Inhumanity | Full-length 2014
Perverted Dexterity – Promo 2013 | Demo 2013
Ancaman – Aggressor Insidor | EP 2013
Cadavoracity – Promo 2012 | Demo 2012
Perverted Dexterity – Demo 2012 | Demo 2012

…and many more

Client Portfolio



Sound Samples




Pure Wrath – Sempiternal Wisdom | Full-length 2018

Reduced – Majesty from WithinFull-length 2018

Ineffable Demise – Beyond the Marrow GatesFull-length 2018

Helgafell – LandvaettirFull-length 2018

Perverted Dexterity – Spiritual AwakeningFull-length 2017

Pure Wrath – Ascetic Eventide | Full-length 2017

Ancaman – Aggressor InsidorEP 2013


• All-in rate is 45 EUR for a song (extra fees needed for songs more than 5-minutes).
• 5% off for full-length projects (must be more than 25-minutes running time).
• Mixing and mastering expenses must be paid in advance. Client pays Paypal transfer fees.
• I don’t do a FREE sample mix, unless I asked personally.
• Editing, mixing, and mastering included.
• Correction ’till death do us part.
• For grindcore/goregrind/gorenoise bands, or if you do songs under a minute. Talk to me first, then I’ll calculate the price according to your album/EP/demo running time.


• Send me WAVs only. Not Cubase project or ProTools project.
• WAVs are exported from the same start point or zero in your DAW. I don’t do puzzles for your files.
• Sample rate must be at 44.100Hz. Bitrate in 24 bit.
• Mono WAVs must be exported in mono. Stereo WAVs must be exported in stereo or two mono L-R files.
• DI signals for bass and guitars are mandatory although you have your guitar files amped. Otherwise, I don’t have backup for those.
• I re-amp using my own Impulse Response collection, or you can send yours. I don’t have real amps at the moment.
• For personal reasons, I do not FULLY edit drums to keep the natural aspect of the music. You can send me your edited or processed drums.
• I do not FULLY replace acoustic drum sound. Only trigger the kick.
• I do not accept data in DVD or flash-disk or any physical format. Only Dropbox or WeTransfer or any file hosting. Faster, save money!
• I can help you to make your programmed drums sound better, but it depends on your own maps and drum notes. Just send me the MIDI file (GM map only).

• For mastering session, please only send WAV or AIFF. If you’d like to do stem mastering, please make sure there’s no extreme compression and saturation.
• I also do DDP file for full-length or EP projects with cue sheet (by request). Please provide the fixed track-listing, album artwork (800px x 800px), and other details.

Please name all the track files properly and send all files via WeTransfer or another reliable file hosting services.
Feel free to write me for ANY kind of question according to mixing and mastering projects to: insidioussoundlab(at)gmail.com